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XBOX 360 Wireless Issue

For anyone with issues connecting an Xbox 360 to a DLink DIR 615 C1 Wireless Router. Make sure to update the firmware on the router to 3.13 and it will fix all connection issues. Just thought this would be helpful for those having issues getting connected to XBox Live like I did.


Surprisingly Positive Review for Crank 2: High Voltage

I haven’t even seen the first Crank movie, haven’t been a fan of any of Jason Statham’s movies (except Snatch, which he really isn’t the star of), and had no intention/motivation to see this Crank 2: High Voltage. However, after seeing some shockingly (see what I did there?) positive reviews on this movie, I decided to give it a chance.

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Top 15 Films of 2005 Retro Edition

In my continuing series, I will look back at my previous Top 10 (or 15) Films list for each year a few years after the fact, 5 years in this case. Why do this? Because I haven’t gotten around to seeing all the must-see films of 2009 to do that list yet, so this is in its stead.

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Apparently, a woman received a face transplant on Wednesday. This is absolutely great news, as it means we now have the technology to allow John Travolta and Nicholas Cage switch faces and pretend to be each other. Cue the flying doves:

Cloverfield (review)

Cloverfield – I didn’t expect much from this movie, as I thought it would be nothing more than a typical popcorn action flick. I was completely wrong. It’s soooo much more than that. They really stuck to the vision of the film. That being a handheld account of an event that at the time was mysterious and incredibly destructive. The camera work stuck to the idea of being handheld and actually what the camera would be looking at during any point of that event. I figured at somepoint they would stray from that to show you overhead angles or shots of the monster or information of what is going on, but they didn’t. I have to credit JJ Abrams (of Lost fame) as I believe without him being attached to this movie, the studio would have not allowed it to be shot the way it was.

The camera work is being compared to the Blair Witch Project, while I agree its similar, this movie was far more entertaining as it uses the shakycam not only to make you feel like you are there experiencing what the characters are, but also to up the level of chaos.

The movie is also very short, clocking in at 84 minutes or so. Despite that it almost felt like it was in real time, so kudos to the editor on that.  

If you like action movies, go see this. It might be higher concept than most action movies, but its worth it. You will feel like you were just in New York while a monster attacked the city.

Rating: 8.0/10

I – Origins

Just a small introduction to this blogolumn (which is a word coined by me and is obviously the offspring of a weblog and a column). Here is what this blogolumn will feature almost exclusively: my random musings about sports, tv, movies, and music. That’s it, that’s the list.