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I am also now posting at i-yankees, a team specific sports blog. My first post is available here.

And here is some John Sterling (radio voice of the Yankees) being really idiotic:


Thoughts from the weekend

Here is what I learned this weekend –

I was able to confirm that Cameron Indoor Stadium is absolutely one of, if not THE, best live sporting event experience you can have.¬† (I know, I know, that’s not really shocking news, just want to brag that I was there)

Cameron Indoor

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Gene FN Chizik

Apparently, Chris Webber is awesome!

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Retro Recap David Cone’s Perfecto

Back with yet another retro recap of a past historical sporting event. This one is David Cone pitching a perfect game on July 18, 1999 against the Montreal Expos. This is the ESPNClassic “Drive Thru” version of the game, meaning its edited down to one hour (actually 42 minutes + American Gladiators and Bosley Hair Restorations¬†commercials).

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Retro Recap “Favre’s First Comeback”

In a new feature here at the blogolumn, I will be doing one of those fancy running diaries. However, it won’t be for a current sports event or draft; it will be for an NFL regular season game from September 20, 1992. It features the Cincinnati Bengals hosted by the Green Bay Packers. It is notable (SPOILER ALERT!) for being Brett Favre’s first comeback victory. In light of recent events, it feels quite appropriate to look back at the start of the Favre-era in Green Bay. On a side note, I didn’t see this game when it first aired despite already being a fan of the Packers, since I was out of market. All I saw where the updates of Majkowski getting injured and the TD to end the game.

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Long time, no blog

The first new blogolumn in months and months, due to a combination of being busyness and laziness. This will cover a hodgepodge of topics that are connected in no way other than being thoughts that are bouncing around in my head.

Firstly, my list of the Top 10 movies of 2007:

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More Yankees junk

So, now that the impossible has happened and ARod has decided to return to the Yanks. With Posada and Rivera also resigned, and the team basically waiting on a decision from Pettitte. My whole offseason plan thing is moot. I doubt any of my suggestions for Johan Santana trades will happen, as the Twins have let it be know they would want young hitters for him. The Yanks can only offer Robinson Cano, who they probably wouldnt part with. Not to mention, the Twins are shopping another pitcher Matt Garza, so they might be trying to make one last run with Santana and will probably keep trying to resign him.

Anyways, I am now one of the bloggers at a new Yankees site –, Here is a link to my Yankees blogolumn there

Hence, this will probably be my last baseball centeric post here.

As always, comments encouraged.