A Complete History of the new World order

On May 27th, 1996 Scott Hall, best known as Razor Ramon of World Wrestling Federation fame, walked out of the crowd during World Championship Wrestling’s Monday Nitro and said, “You people, you know who I am, but you don’t know why I’m here…” (skip to 2:21 of the video) And so it began. Here is a complete history of the new World order of professional wrestling:

– Hall promises a big surprise and tells Eric Bischoff to get the 3 best WCW wrestlers

– Hall shows up with Kevin Nash, best known as Diesel, as said surprise

Great American Bash 06/16/96
– Hall and Nash demand Bischoff tell them who the 3 will be for WCW and when he refuses, Nash powerbombs him through a table

Bash at the Beach 07/07/96
– During the Hostile Takeover Match, Hulk Hogan turns on WCW and becomes the 3rd member joining Hall and Nash. He uses the “new World order of professional wrestling” phrase for the first time in his post match interview

– The WCW logo is covered with nWo letters.
– The Outsiders attack Lugar during a match with Big Bubba. Hogan, wearing all black for the first time, joins in the ring
– They swerve Big Bubba, best known as The Big Bossman, into thinking he can join, but immediately attack him
– Hogan cuts an interview claiming to be bigger than professional wrestling, threatens to add more members to his empire, and demands a title shot with The Giant at Hog Wild

– The Outsiders takeover the production truck during a six-man tag match. Nash invites security to his trailer for “pot pies and Mt. Dew”
– The Outsiders attack Sting by his car

– The Outsiders attack Arn Anderson, Marcus Bagwell, and Rey Mysterio in the backstage with Nash infamously throwing Mysterio head-first at the production truck
– Debut of “the following announcement has been paid for by the new World order” commercials
[3 members – Hogan, Hall, and Nash]

Hog Wild 08/11/96
– Hogan becomes World Champ
– The Outsiders beat Sting/Lugar with some help from Nick Patrick
– Booty Man, aka Brutus the Barber Beefcake, is swerved into thinking he could join and then attacked
– The World Title, aka the Big Gold Belt, is spray painted

– The nWo has their own locker room. They tease who the 4th and 5th members will be
– Hogan attacks Savage during a match with Flair, striking him with a chair
– The Outsiders have a match versus Sting/Lugar, but the Horsemen interrupt

Clash of the Champions 08/18/96
– The Outsiders interfere in Hogan/Flair title match for a DQ

– The nWo spraypaint the video truck. First usage of the “nWo 4 Life” saying
– Ted Dibiase is in the crowd, indicating a 5th member would be revealed next week
– The nWo interupts Benoit/Mongo vs Sting/Lugar, attacking and spraypainting all of them

[4 Members – Hogan, Hall, Nash, and Dibiase]

– During a Horsemen/Dugeon of Doom 8 man, the nWo attacks, sporting the nWo t-shirts for the first time. They clear the ring, until The Giant shows up. He turns and joins them. Savage is chokeslammed, receives 3 leg drops, and spraypainted

– nWo commercial for the offical t-shirt “all proceeds with go to the Ric Flair Retirement Fund”.
– Sting turning is first teased
– Fake Sting, and the rest of the nWo, attacks Luger in the parking lot
– nWo commercial with DiBiase where they announce their own segment on Nitro which will feature an nWo Tag Team tournament

War Games
– nWo (with fake Sting) beats Flair/AA/Luger/Sting when – Sting leaves due to no one believing him
– Savage is attacked post match. Elizabeth has her dress spraypainted

– Sean Waltman, best known as The 1-2-3 Kid, shows up in the crowd
– Sting declares himself a free agent
– Waltman releases nWo fliers
– Waltman officially joins the nWo as their 6th member

– During Savage/Valentine match the nWo attacks Savage. He receives an Outsiders Edge, Jacknife Powerbomb, two legdrops, whipping via SlimJim, and spraypainting.
– Waltman is officially referred to as Syxx
– They bring out Vincent, best known as Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase’s sidekick Virgil, as their newest member
– The nWo music is officially used for an entrance for the first time

– The Giant receives the US Title as a gift
– nWo continues to recruit Elizabeth
[8 members – Hogan, Hall, Nash, Dibiase, Vincent, Syxx, Giant, and nWo Sting]

– Outsiders challenge Harlem Heat to a title match at Halloween Havoc
– Nick Patrick fines Macho Man $1,000,000 for laying his hands on him
– Nasty Boys are promised they are going to be allowed to sign some paperwork to officially join the nWo
– Giant, Hall, Nash, Syxx, and Vincent beatdown Flair before his match with Macho Man. Then taunt Liz until Macho comes to save her. Then Hogan and the Giant attack Savage. They carry him to the ring, deliver 5 leg drops, trace his body with spraypaint, and Hogan declares Savage and Elizabeth’s relationship over

– Significant # of nWo signs in the crowd
– Nick Patrick swears he isn’t an nWo referree
– Announcers calling for Sting to return and help WCW
– Elizabeth is still being held hostage by the nWo
– Entire group comes to the ring and are joined by the Nasty Boys in nWo shirts. The nWo then beatsdown the Nasty Boys, removes their shirts, and spraypaints them


– Sting returns to attack the nWo’s fake Sting. Sting is in his Crow outfit for the first time. The nWo doesn’t touch real Sting. It is unclear whose side Sting is on. The nWo recruits Sting. Hall alludes to the WWF impostors of Razor and Diesel

Halloween Havoc 10/27/96
– Syxx defeats Jericho with the help of Nick Patrick
– The Outsiders defeat Harlem Heat to win the tag titles with the assistance of Colonel Parker’s cane
– Hogan defeats Savage with the help of Nick Patrick and The Giant
– Piper returns and challenges Hogan

– Sting is watching from the rafters
– The Outsiders root on DDP during his match
– AC Green is in the crowd wearing an nWo shirt
– Jericho accuses Nick Patrick of being a paid employee of the new World order
– Replay of Piper challenging Hogan, Piper brings up the Hogan has never beaten him
[7 members: Hogan, Nash, Hall, Dibiase, Giant, Syxx, and Vincent]

– The Outsiders recruit DDP. DDP acknowledges he previously managed Scott Hall and tagged with Kevin Nash. DDP is upset he wasn’t offered a spot before number 8

– The Outsiders, Syxx, and Giant confront DDP insisting he doesn’t get it
– Piper accepts match against Hogan

World War 3
– The Giant defeated Jeff Jarrett after Sting attacks Jarrett with a scorpion death drop
– Piper signs a contract for a match at Starrcade with Hogan. Bischoff comes out as Hogan’s power of attorney for the signing announcing his turn to the nWo. Piper demands it to be No DQ and demands Hogan join them in the ring now, which brings out Hogan and the rest of the nWo. Then the nWo attacks Piper targeting his bad hip and spraying it
– The Outsiders defeated the Nasty Boys and the Faces of Fear in a triangle match to retain the tag titles
– The Giant won the 60 man battle royal by eliminating Lex Luger after Luger had eliminated the rest of the nWo. Thus, the Giant has the right to a title shot against Hogan

– WCW announces a tournament for the US Title
– The Giant interupts the Lugar/AA match to declare the winner of the US Title tournament will need to face him
– The nWo comes out to the ring lead by Bischoff
– Bischoff issues the “either you’re with us or against us” ultimatum. He gives WCW wrestlers 30 days to convert their WCW contracts to nWo contracts
– Marcus Bagwell despite urging not to from his American Males tag partner Scotty Riggs joins the nWo almost immediately. Bagwell delivers a neckbreaker to Riggs
– DDP acknowledges his friendship with Hall and that Bischoff is his neighbor
[9 members: Bischoff, Hogan, Hall, Nash, Giant, Syxx, Dibiase, Vincent, Bagwell]

– The nWo welcomes Sting aboard
– Sting lays his bat down at the feet of Rick Steiner and turns his back

– DDP asks to be left alone

– Masahiro Chono reveals he has joined the nWo
– Sting delivers a Scorpion Death Drop to fake Sting
– During the Faces of Fear/Outsiders match, Big Bubba turns on the Dugeon of Doom and joins the nWo
– Scott Norton turns on his tag team partner, Ice Train, to join the nWo

Starrcade 12/29/96
– The Outsiders cleanly defeat the Faces of Fear to retain the tag titles
– During the DDP/Eddie Guererro US Title match Hall interferes with an Outsider’s Edge on DDP allowing Eddie to win the US Title
– Guererro is attacked after the match and Syxx leaves with his US Title
– Promo commercial for first nWo PPV, Souled Out
– Luger had the Giant in the Torture Rack when Syxx interfered. Sting then came to the ring and booted Syxx and Nick Patrick from the ring. Sting left his bat in the ring and walks away. Luger gets the bat and defeats The Giant. It is billed as the first loss for the new World order
– Piper defeats Hogan with a sleeper hold in the main event after fighting off interference from The Giant
– Show ends with The Giant arguing with Hall, Nash, and Hogan. Hogan tells The Giant he dropped the ball

– nWo shows up in a limo, Giant says he wants his world title shot due to him from winning World War 3. Hogan declares the title shot is a “bye”
– Big Bubba was scheduled to face Konnan in a strap match but Wallstreet, best known as Dibiase’s former tag partner I.R.S., wearing an nWo shirt takes his place
– First instance of Nick Patrick wearing an official nWo shirt and accompanying the group to the ring
– They demand The Giant chokeslam Piper but he refuses
– Hogan slaps The Giant in the face which leads to The Giant choking him until he is granted a title shot
– The nWo attacks The Giant and removes his nWo shirt
– Piper is taken away in an ambulance

[13 members – Hogan, Nash, Hall, Syxx, Dibiase, Vincent, Bagwell, Scott Norton, Chono, Bischoff, Bubba, Wallstreet, Nick Patrick, and nWo Sting]


– Syxx wearing Eddie’s US Title belt comes to ringside and sits atop a ladder taunting Guererro
– The Giant comes out to fight the entire group which he is successful with until Hogan hits him with a chair multiple times
– Sting goes to the ring to say something to The Giant and leaves his bat

– The nWo laughs backstage about how The Giant how no contract for a title shot
– The nWo shows a video making it seem Sting has turned against WCW
– After DDP defeats Jerry Flynn, Nash and Hall come to the ring and give DDP an nWo shirt. He gives a Diamond Cutter to Hall and leaves through the audience
– The Giant defeats Hogan via DQ when the entire nWo interferes. It was the infamous match that took place on TNT during commercials breaks following Nitro

– Savage comes to the ring and refuses to leave until he gets to talk to someone with stroke. He tells Bischoff to “kiss his ass”. Savage attacks anyone who comes to the ring. Sting comes down from the rafters on a cord. Sting hands his bat to Savage and turns his back to leave. Savage follows him

nWo Souled Out 1/26/97
– Bischoff and Dibiase are the announcers
– nWo logo in the ring with black ropes/turnbuckles/mat
– Nick Patrick is the official for all matches
– Everyone gets the same generic entrance music
– Chono defeats Jericho
– Big Bubba defeats Hugh Morris via countout after hitting him with a Harley
– Jeff Jarrett defeats M Wallstreet after Mongo hits Wallstreet with the steel briefcase and forces Nick Patrick to make the count
– Buff Bagwell defeats Scotty Riggs via the debut of the Buff Blockbuster
– The nWo interupts the DDP/Scott Norton match to again recruit him. He puts on the shirt but then gives a Diamond Cutter to Scott Norton and escapes through the crowd. Scott Norton is declared the winner by countout
– The Steiners defeat The Outsiders for the World Tag Titles after Nick Patrick is knocked out and Randy Anderson runs in from the crowd to make the count
– Eddie Guererro defeats Syxx in a ladder match for the US Title
– Hogan gets pyro and the nWo theme music
– During the World Championship match the entire nWo interferes. The Giant chokeslams 7 of them before Hogan hits him with a guitar then a chair. The Giant is spraypainted. The crowd chants, “WE WANT STING!”

– Bischoff fires Randy Anderson
– Bischoff orders The Steiners to return the belts to The Outsiders
– Sting and Savage watch a Hogan interview from the crowd
– The executive committee orders Hogan to defend the title at Superbrawl against Piper
[13 members – Hogan, Nash, Hall, Syxx, Dibiase, Vincent, Bagwell, Scott Norton, Chono, Bischoff, Bubba, Wallstreet, Nick Patrick, and nWo Sting]

– Piper  accepts the title match for Superbrawl

– Sting and Macho hand a bat to DDP and turn they back. He refuses to hit them and they leave the ring
– Bischoff stops Luger on the way to his match and bars him wrestling again until he gets a doctor’s release for the cast on his hand

– Syxx, still wearing the stolen Cruiserweight title, tells Malenko he never like him and does a crotch chop well before DX was formed
– Randy Anderson defeats Nick Patrick to get his job back
– The Hollywood Rules Tshirt debuts in an ad
– Luger has a release for the match at Superbrawl but Bischoff interupts to say it’s too late

Superbrawl 02/23/97 (The first ever PPV from the Cow Palace!)
– Syxx defeats Malenko for the Cruiseweight title when he hits him with the belt
– DDP defeats Buff Bagwell after the nWo attempts to attack him but Page had already delivered the Diamond Cutter
– Luger/Giant defeat the Outsiders for the tag team titles
– Piper had defeated Hogan for the world title but Savage pulled Hogan’s legs under the ropes. Savage then hands Hogan brass knucks and Hogan defeats Piper. Savage attacks Piper after the match to join the nWo

– Hall, Nash, and Savage attack and spraypaint DDP
– The nWo reunites Savage and Elizabeth
– Bischoff demands the tag belts turned back over to the Outsiders as Luger didn’t have release to wrestle and used his cast
– Lugar challenges the nWo for all their belts at Uncensored
– Sting comes to the ring and appears to possibly join the nWo

[13 members: Hogan, Nash, Hall, Syxx, Dibiase, Vincent, Bagwell, Scott Norton, Bischoff, Bubba, Wallstreet, Nick Patrick, Savage, and Elizabeth]

– Bischoff accepts Luger’s challenge
– The head of Turner Sports suspends Bischoff
– The entire nWo heads to the ring followed by Sting
– The nWo attempts to attack during a Giant/Lugar v Steiners match and a huge brawl ensues as Sting walks away

– The Horsemen and Piper make an alliance against the nWo
– DDP challenges Macho Man
– The nWo adds Dennis Rodman
– The nWo gives Sting a shirt, but he doesn’t put it on

Uncensored 03/16/97
– Macho Man wants to be DDP’s friend because DDP’s wife is in Playboy then Macho Man attacks and spraypaints DDP and his wife
– The nWo defeats Team Piper and Team WCW with the assistance of Rodman. Thus, they win the right to challenge for any WCW title anywhere
– Rodman spraypaints Lex Lugar
– Sting repels from the rafters and attacks the nWo

– The fake nWo Sting returns
Sting indicates he wants Hogan

– nWo beats down DDP

– Nash and Syxx take over the announce booth to end the show and complain about Bischoff, Hogan, Dibiase, and Vincent being away at Rodman’s movie premiere

[14 members: Hogan, Nash, Hall, Syxx, Rodman, Dibiase, Vincent, Bagwell, nWo Sting, Scott Norton, Bischoff, Bubba, Wallstreet, Nick Patrick, Savage, and Elizabeth]

Spring Stampede 04/06/97
– Nash defeats Rick Steiner with Nick Patrick as the official and Syxx and Dibiase at ringside
– During the match, Nash and Dibiase got into an argument and Dibiase storms off
– Nick Patrick left the ring disgusted as well
– Nash powerbombs Nick Patrick
– Bischoff stops Savage from striking Kimberly Page then Savage attacks Bischoff before the rest of the nWo, sans Hogan, breaks them up
– Luger is announced to have a title shot against Hogan

– The entire nWo comes out but in two segments
– Nash and Hogan bury the hatchet
– Sting descends from the rafters to stop the nWo from attacking DDP

– Nash declares Luger must go through him to get a title shot at Hogan
– Sting fights off the nWo with a bat

– Nick Patrick asks to rejoin WCW
– JJ Dillon is named Chairman of the WCW Executive Committee
– JJ Dillon announces Big Bubba and Wallstreet don’t have valid nWo contracts
– Syxx cuts a promo on Flair claiming he ripped off Nature Boy Buddy Rogers
– The announcers mention Hall’s continued absence
– Nash cuts a scathing promo on Flair, Piper, the older generation, and the entire WCW

– Hall refers to himself, Nash, and Syxx as the Wolfpac
– Nash says they will face Flair and company in Charlotte but want 75% of the gate
– Debut of the nWo flyers saying “Tradition bites!” being dropped on the crowd

[11 members: Hogan, Nash, Hall, Syxx, Rodman, Dibiase, Vincent, Bagwell, Scott Norton, Bischoff, Savage, nWo Sting and Elizabeth]

– Nash assaults Nick Patrick
– The Wolfpac taunt JJ Dillon about not being able to pull the same crap he did in New York
– Hogan and Savage attack DDP
– The entire nWo heads to the ring to attack The Giant and Harlem Heat

– The Wolfpac calls Piper and Flair dinosaurs and announce the upcoming match is now no DQ/no countout
– Nash and Syxx attacked Piper’s bad hip backstage
– Sting  delivers a Scorpion Death Drop to nWo Sting as Bischoff flees

Slamboree 05/18/97
– The nWo attacks DDP and reveal his injured ribs
– Piper/Flair/Kevin Greene defeat the Wolfpac with Nick Patrick making the 3 count

– Sonny Ono lets Chono know he has a surprise for him next week
– Hall and Nash attack Flair during his match with Syxx delivering an Outsider’s Edge and Powerbomb
– Sting comes up from under the ring to Scorpion Death Drop Bischoff

– Ono’s surprise for Chono is The Great Muta, but Muta spits the red mist into Ono’s face and joins the nWo
– Syxx claims the Wolfpac’s lose at Slamboree doesn’t count since Nick Patrick wasn’t reinstated by WCW until the day after
– The Outsiders challenge Flair and Piper to a tag title match
– Sting descends from the rafters to Death Drop Bischoff and nWo Sting again and ascends back to the rafters before the entire nWo can attack
[12 members: Hogan, Nash, Hall, Syxx, Rodman, Vincent, Bagwell, Scott Norton, Bischoff, Savage, nWo Sting, Chono, Muta, and Elizabeth]

– Savage berates Mean Gene during an interview then attacks JJ Dillon

– Hogan and Rodman will face a yet to be named team at Bash at the Beach in July
– DDP attempts to get to Savage by kicking the window of his limo
– Hogan declares Luger could never beat him and begins an impromptu match
– Luger defeats Hogan in a non-title match, but the Wolfpac and Hogan decimate him after the match
– Sting descends from the rafters and he ascends back to the rafters with DDP

Great American Bash 06/15/97
– The Outsiders defeat Piper/Flair to retain the tag titles
– Savage defeats DDP after Hall interfered

– The nWo limo pulls up while Hendrix: Voodoo Child plays being the first time Hogan uses it as his entrance music
– DDP and presumably Sting challenge Hall and Savage to a match at Bash at the Beach
– The Giant and Luger are assaulted by the entire nWo including Rodman spraypainting The Giant

– DDP defeats Hall via DQ when Savage attacks until Sting finally makes the save

– Jericho won the Cruiseweight title on WCW Saturday night in a match with Syxx and Mysterio
– Mysterio challenges Nash to a match
– The Steiners as new #1 contenders challenge the Outsiders to a title match and The Outsiders accept and have the Steiners sign a title contract
– The title contract states the Steiners must first go through Chono and Muta
– Nash defeats Mysterio and after the match Nash continues to powerbomb Mysterio then Konnon joins the nWo by continuing the beatdown
– During a match between Hall/Nash/Savage and Giant/Luger/DDP, Sting comes to the ringside as do a debuting Raven and Curt Hennig
[13 members: Hogan, Nash, Hall, Syxx, Rodman, Vincent, Bagwell, Scott Norton, Bischoff, Savage, nWo Sting, Chono, Muta, Konnan, and Elizabeth]

– DDP, under a La Parka mask, defeats Savage
– The show ends with Luger Torture Racking Bischoff as Hogan bails

Bash at the Beach 07/13/97
– The Steiners defeat Muta/Chono to get a world title match
– Hall/Savage defeat DDP/Hennig when Hennig turns on Page
– It is revealed it was Nash in a Sting mask that hit The Giant with a bat
– Savage comes out and attacks La Parka thinking it was DDP, then DDP comes and attacks Savage followed by Hennig knocking out DDP
– Nash introduces Konnan as the newest nWo member
– Sting protects Luger from the nWo

– The Giant defeats Muta via DQ when Muta sprayed him with green mist

– The Giant chokeslams Bischoff
– The Giant wants to face Nash
[13 members: Hogan, Nash, Hall, Syxx, Rodman, Vincent, Bagwell, Scott Norton, Bischoff, Savage, nWo Sting, Chono, Muta, Konnan, and Elizabeth]

– Hogan comes to the ring to start the show to say after he defeats Luger tonight, Scott Hall is the #1 contender for a title shot at Road Wild
– The Steiners come to the ring with Ted Dibiase as their new manager
– Bischoff threatens to sue WCW if The Giant lays hands on him again
– Sting refuses to sign a contract to face Hennig
– Luger defeats Hogan for the World Title and the entire WCW lockerroom comes to celebrate

Road Wild 08/09/97
– Hogan defeated Luger to regain the world title after someone appearing to be Sting hit Lugar in the back with a bat

– Bischoff comes out for a special surprise announcement, but first they need to sing Happy Birthday to Hollywood and then announce The Giant is now under a restraining order and can’t come within 50 feet of Bischoff
– The Giant is arrested
– Sting lets the crowd tell Dillon that he wants Hogan

– Bischoff announces Larry Z also can’t come within 50 feet of him and demands the nWo gets their own show

Clash of the Champions 08/21/97
– Hall/Savage defeat DDP/Luger when Page accidentally delivers the Diamond Cutter to Luger
– Sting watches the nWo from the rafters and the Crow Sting theme debuts

– Dillon promises to put together a match between Hogan and Sting
– Sting puts a Hogan shirt over Bischoff’s face
– Savage v Luger goes to a non-finish as Luger racks DDP to end the show
[13 members: Hogan, Nash, Hall, Syxx, Rodman, Vincent, Bagwell, Scott Norton, Bischoff, Savage, nWo Sting, Chono, Muta, Konnan, and Elizabeth]

– During the Arn Anderson tribute show, the infamous nWo mocking the Horsemen sketch with Syxx as Flair, Konnan as Mongo, Buff as Hennig, and Nash as Arn

– Hogan and Bischoff fake Sting falling from the rafters but it’s just a dummy which Hogan eventually pins
– Ray Traylor attacks Hall and Vincent until Hogan comes out and the beat him down and spraypaint him

Fall Brawl 09/14/97
– Hennig was supposedly attacked backstage
– During the Wargames match, Hennig reveals he isn’t hurt and turns on the Horsemen. They handcuff Mongo and Benoit to the cage and slam Flair’s face in the door

– The entire nWo comes out to introduce Hennig who then gives Flair’s robe to Hogan as a gift
– Hennig defeats Mongo for the US Title

– Hall debuts the survey
– Hector Garza defeats Hall with a rollup but then Hall delivers an Outsiders Edge to Garza and the referee
[10 members: Hogan, Nash, Hall, Syxx, Vincent, Bagwell, Scott Norton, Bischoff, Savage, Konnan, Hennig and Elizabeth]

– Bischoff and Hogan come out to show the preview for Assault on Devil’s Island
– Hall and Syxx announce Nash is out with a knee injury
– Hall defeats Garza then puts the ref in the Torture Rack
– Savage attacks DDP during a match with Disco Inferno but Piper makes the save and DDP Diamond Cuts Savage on exposed concrete
– Hogan and Interrum Commissioner Piper brawl until the nWo pulls Hogan away
– Flair returns to save Benoit from a nWo beatdown

– The Steiners defeat Hall/Syxx for the tag titles with Larry Z making the count
– The nWo surrounds Piper and Hogan comes out in a Sting mask to attack Piper
– Ray Traylor is attacked and spraypainted

– The show starts with several members of the nWo layed out
– Norton defeats Ray Traylor when Vincent spraypaints Traylor in the eyes
– Masked Stings that are revealed to be Page and Piper attack Savage and Hogan but the nWo attacks as the cage lowers. The real Sting drops into the cage

Halloween Havoc 10/26/97
– Bischoff declares the nWo wants Nitro
– Piper defeats Hogan but Savage and Hogan attack afterwards and a fan who ran in wearing Sting facepain get beaten down by Savage and Hogan

– The nWo attacks Page during his match with Hogan, but Sting makes the save
[10 members: Hogan, Nash, Hall, Syxx, Vincent, Bagwell, Scott Norton, Bischoff, Savage, Konnan, Hennig and Elizabeth]

– Jericho defeats Hall but is beaten down after

– The nWo comes out waving Canadian Flags, bring back Nash, and declare Bret Hart the newest member of the nWo
– Savage defeats Ray Traylor and Liz spraypaints him after
– Hogan calls out Sting, but the entire nWo attacks Sting and the nWo finally lays out Sting

– Hall and Nash declare themselves the true tag champions, complete with new belts, as the Steiners haven’t beaten them
– The nWo introduces their newest member, Rick Rude
– Rude cuts an interview about the Montreal Screwjob
– The nWo attacks Larry Z
– The nWo attacks The Steiner Brothers
– The Giant defeats Hall via DQ when the entire nWo swarms the Giant until the entire WCW lockerroom makes the save

World War 3  11/23/97
– Hennig defeated Flair to retain the US Title after hitting Flair with it
– Hall wins World War 3 with help from Nash in a Sting mask

– The entire nWo heads to the ring to celebrate
– Bischoff accepts Larry Z’s challenge
– Ray Traylor defeats Hennig via DQ when the nWo attacks him again
– Nash in a Sting mask attacks The Giant
[11 members: Hogan, Nash, Hall, Syxx, Vincent, Rude, Bagwell, Scott Norton, Bischoff, Savage, Konnan, Hennig and Elizabeth]

– Bischoff says he hasn’t signed anything and will only face Larry Z if Nitro is on the line
– JJ Dillon puts Nitro on the line for Starrcade
– Page defeats Hennig via DQ and is attacked by the entire nWo

– During Konnan’s match with Ray Traylor the lights go out and Konnan is layed out leading to Ray Traylor pinning him
– Flair challenges Hennig to a cage match at Starrcade
– During Savage’s match with Hugh Morris, the lights go out again and both men and the ref are layed out
– Rude has some words for Tony
– Buff defeats Luger via countout when Norton and Vincent distract Luger
– Page defeats Hall via DQ when the nWo attacks him
– Another dummy Sting drops from the ceiling but it turns out to be the real Sting

– Bischoff allows JJ Dillon to name anyone from the nWo as the ref for his match at Starrcade and Dillon names Bret Hart the ref
– Buff steals Luger’s interview time which leads to a match but Buff beats Luger via DQ when Luger tossing him over the top rope
– The entire nWo comes to the ring and calls out Sting, he looks over them from the top of the Nitro sign

– The nWo completely takes over Nitro, putting nWo shirts on all the crew, taking down all WCW signs, replacing the announcers, spray painting the mat, and placing nWo signs all over
– The entire nWo comes to the ring to bestow gifts upon Hogan
– Hennan begs to announce for the nWo and they let him in
– Hogan gets another present but it turns out to be his head in a box and Sting ziplines to the ring as the show ends

Starrcade 12/28/97

Everything was horribly booked and Sting didn’t get the clean victory they had been building to for months and months. Instead of Sting being allowed to squash Hogan and become the biggest face in the entire industry, Hogan was allowed to look equally strong. Thus, Sting, and WCW as a whole, was never able to regain it’s momentum. As soon as fans were presented with an alternative face in Stone Cold Steve Austin, they began a steady, mass exodus, flipping the channel to WWF programming for good. WCW began it’s slow death.


One response to “A Complete History of the new World order

  1. Was fake (nwo) Sting not consider a member. Or Dibiase? Cuz you say Syxx was the sixth member(and I remember the commentators also said that when he was introduce) but with Dibiase, the Giant, and NWO Sting that was six, and this was before Syxx joking after War Games 96. Thanks for this info about NWO. And thanks for your time

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