Shutter Island Review

I have always said no one utilizes the brilliance that Leo DiCaprio is capable of the way Scorsese does, which is why I was pleased to see them teaming again for his new thriller Shutter Island. I did become slightly worried when they pushed the release date back (from end of the year Oscar season to beginning of the year usually lame season). Not to mention, the trailer seemed to reveal too much of the plot.

This is a brilliantly crafted thriller. My former concerns about the trailer were completely wrong. It doesn’t really reveal anything important. I somewhat saw the amazing twist in the plot around the halfway point, but had no idea how well layered it was and didn’t fully grasp how great of a twist it was. As a former huge M Night Shyamalan mark, I want to go on record as saying this twist is better and more well executed than the twist in The Sixth Sense. It’s just far more logical, and set-up in a far better fashion. This is a film that will certainly garner a second (and third, and fourth, and fifth…) viewing from me.

Per usual, Leo’s performance shines, as does that of Ben Kingsley and the highly under-rated Mark Ruffalo. However, the truly amazing performance here is Scorsese’s direction. From the jolting rule breaking cuts to the beautiful dream sequences to the abrupt changes in color temperature, we get to see a ton of tricks Scorsese has up his sleeve that he isn’t usually able to use in his more straight-forward gangster flicks.

I give this movie my highest recommendation. It’s the best film of 2010 I have seen so far. It’s a near-lock for my top films of the year list. We need more films like this. If you haven’t seen, rush out to the theatres and see it immediately. Serial. Stop reading and go see it right now.


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