Monthly Archives: April 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine Review

I was quasi-excited about the comedic potential of Hot Tub Time Machine. First of all, the frickin’ title is Hot Tub Time Machine. I am in right there. Sprinkle in some Rob Corddry (of The Daily Show fame), Craig Robinson (of The Office, Pineapple Express, and Eastbound & Down fame), and John Cusack (of holding a boombox over his head fame), and you have a nice little recipe going.

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Shutter Island Review

I have always said no one utilizes the brilliance that Leo DiCaprio is capable of the way Scorsese does, which is why I was pleased to see them teaming again for his new thriller Shutter Island. I did become slightly worried when they pushed the release date back (from end of the year Oscar season to beginning of the year usually lame season). Not to mention, the trailer seemed to reveal too much of the plot.

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Antichrist review

In an effort to post more frequently, I am going to get back to quick reviews of films soon after seeing them. Additionally, this will provide a record of my initial reaction to a film before reading reviews and accounts from others.

Let’s start with Antichrist by acclaimed Danish filmmaker Lars Von Trier:

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