Surprisingly Positive Review for Crank 2: High Voltage

I haven’t even seen the first Crank movie, haven’t been a fan of any of Jason Statham’s movies (except Snatch, which he really isn’t the star of), and had no intention/motivation to see this Crank 2: High Voltage. However, after seeing some shockingly (see what I did there?) positive reviews on this movie, I decided to give it a chance.

I had heard that this was very cartoony, video game-esque, absurd, and not your typical big budget action movie. It lived up to that hype and more. I knew going in it was shot entirely on handheld pro-sumer digital video cameras. I dug the look and frantic style of the film.

It wasn’t just that they tried some innovative things and broke rules, it was that they went as far over the top as possible. Everything was designed to be innovative, every rule was broken, and the absurdity was turned up to eleven. If you are going to go in, be prepared to go all-in, and they absolutely did. Instead of the standard action movies of recent years which try and fail to be innovative by using stuff like bullet-time and super slo-mo of people flying through glass while still having an overly serious, melodramatic narrative, Crank 2 doesn’t take itself serious for one second or even one frame. They realize an action movie can be a fun romp, and this absolutely was as much.

Normally I would describe the plot, but it really would be pointless as the plot doesn’t matter at all. This is essentially just a video game, and not one of the newer console video games with complex storylines and cut scenes. This is an old-school video game where you randomly move from different looking level to different looking level, and the music is similar yet strikingly different on each level and as long as you keep getting power-ups you won’t die.

This is rated R, and would best be described as a “very very hard R”. It’s chock full of violence, nudity, sex, more violence, and electricity. Oh, and fun, it’s was just plain fun.

Highly recommended viewing for anyone who likes “B” movies (it’s essentially a $20M “B” movie with mainstream stars) and/or anyone who doesn’t need their action movies to be deadly serious in tone.

Anyone else who has seen this, I would be very interested in your thoughts?


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