Top 15 Films of 2005 Retro Edition

In my continuing series, I will look back at my previous Top 10 (or 15) Films list for each year a few years after the fact, 5 years in this case. Why do this? Because I haven’t gotten around to seeing all the must-see films of 2009 to do that list yet, so this is in its stead.

So, here is my list as I constructed 5 years ago. I believe I had this one finished sometime before the Oscars.

15. 40 Year Old Virgin
14. Domino
13. V for Vendetta
12. Sin City
11. Brokeback Mountain
10. Syriana
9. History of Violence
8. Constant Gardner
7. Cinderella Man
6. Murderball
5. Hustle and Flow
4. Match Point
3. Capote
2. Goodnight and Goodluck
1. Crash

Some thoughts – There were a few I that didn’t make the cut that were certainly worthy of mention: Batman Begins, Munich, The Ballad of Jack and Rose, Oldboy (which is credited as a 2003 film on imdb but didn’t see theatrical release in the U.S. until 2005), Grizzly Man, and Devil’s Rejects. Of those, Oldboy, Grizzly Man, and Munich definitely hold-up well enough to deserve a spot on the list. Batman Begins is a tremendous origin story, but the last act falls apart for me. Daniel Day-Lewis is amazing, per usual, in The Ballad of Jack and Rose, but the story just wasn’t intriguing enough for follow-up viewings. Devil’s Rejects is brutally raw, in a good way, but Rob Zombie is a bit self-indulgent, per usual, and some of the shock value wears of after the first viewing.

Of those that made the list, Crash isn’t aging all that well, possibly because of the influx of “everything is connected” films since that point. It’s still excellent, but I wouldn’t keep it atop the list. In fact, I would move Goodnight and Goodluck to the top spot. It’s getting better with every viewing, and the whole smoke filled rooms in black and white gives it such a timeless feel.

To make room for the three films to be added on, three have to go. 40 Year Old Virgin goes because it’s not the most re-watchable of the Apatow movies. Constant Gardner goes because of its complete lack of replay value. Cinderella Man goes because Renee Zellwegger removes any possibility I might view it again.

If I remade the list today, here is how it would look:

15. Domino

14. Sin City

13. V for Vendetta

12. Syriana

11. History of Violence

10. Grizzly Man

9. Brokeback Mountain

8. Murderball

7. Crash

6. Munich

5. Capote

4. Hustle and Flow

3. Match Point

2. Oldboy

1. Goodnight and Goodluck

Let me know what I forgot (besides Lord of War, The Weatherman, Squid and the Whale, and The Matador, which all get honorable mention right here. Or why I am under-rating Brokeback, or why I am over-rating Oldboy, or why Domino is too much style and not enough substance.

Sidenote – two, yes two!, films for Mickey Rourke in the top 15 of 2005. Not to mention, before that he was in two decent movies Man on Fire (in 2004) and Once Upon a Time in Mexico (in 2003). So, maybe in regards to The Wrestler, we “don’t call it a comeback”.


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