Thoughts from the weekend

Here is what I learned this weekend –

I was able to confirm that Cameron Indoor Stadium is absolutely one of, if not THE, best live sporting event experience you can have.  (I know, I know, that’s not really shocking news, just want to brag that I was there)

Cameron Indoor

The Crazies definitely lived up to their billing, busting out some tremendously creative chants. Such as, “Dr. Pepper” since Virginia Tech’s colors are the same as that of the fabled soda, “Tuck your shirt in” at the Hokie who had his jersey untucked,  “Come to Duke – John Wall – Come to Duke” at the talented recruit who I assume was also in the crowd but I can’t confirm that as I really have no idea what he looks like. Also, the energy level is unrivaled by that of any crowd I have been a part of.

In NFL news, its seems the Chargers do in fact have the Colts number

As demonstrated by the spectacular return of the Upset Peyton Manning Face!

As a fan of another NFC North team, I hope the Tarvaris Jackson Era NEVER ENDS!

In ‘The Ohio State University’ continuing its attempt to be humiliated in a BCS game every season news – if you have the ball on your 45, down 3, with a decent kicker, 2 timeouts, 11 seconds on the clock, and the other team is playing insanely deep prevent. You should throw a quick pass in the middle of the field to pick up a quick 15 to 20 yards then call a time out and take your chances on a long field goal to tie the game, right? Well, not if you are already planning to role you QB out to the left (he’s right handed, by the way) in an attempt to throw a hail marry, which leads to a sack and an attempt at an even longer hail marry on the next play. Not sure why it would have hurt to throw a quick pass to the middle and call a time out, if even to just make it possible for a hail marry to make it to the end zone on the next play. If any Ohio State players, fans, or sweater vest wearing coaches can explain, please do.

Oh, and anyone who brings one, or multiple, small children onto an airplane is, at least in my mind, equivilent to a terrorist. They might not be trying to blow up the plane, but they are terrorizing me. So, they are essentially “Comfort Terrorists”.


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