Monthly Archives: December 2008

A site to see

Everyone looking for an interesting read, go check out The Walrus Panel’s Top 100 Songs list

I was one of the many participants in the panel’s assembly of the list, and its definitely worth a look.

As a preview, here is one song that DIDN’T make the list:


Gene FN Chizik

Apparently, Chris Webber is awesome!

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So, I did a whole Top 10 Christmas movies list last year, but after re-watching most of them this year, and finally seeing Its A Wonderful Life all the way from beginning to end, I decided I must redo the list. I’ll add some video this time to spruce things up (some of which contain explicit language, AND you can probably guess which ones) –

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Apparently, a woman received a face transplant on Wednesday. This is absolutely great news, as it means we now have the technology to allow John Travolta and Nicholas Cage switch faces and pretend to be each other. Cue the flying doves: