In an effort to be more active on this blog thing, I am back with a new post. The topic, Entourage.

I really dug the first two seasons. The split into two parts 3rd season was decent, but had too much of the crazy arthouse director Billy, featured that annoying story arc with Dom, and dealt too much with E’s relationship. The fourth season was really weak, feature waayyy tooooooo much Billy,  and tried too hard to be a drama rather than a comedy.

The first 5 episodes of the 5th season have been encouraging. It seems to be back on track to be the comedy about these 4 guys hanging out with Ari getting in his great one-liners as he fights to find work for Vince. The show stopped taking itself so seriously and seemed to realize they don’t really have the cast necessary for dramatic television but can be very very entertaining as a comedy.

Just when I thought all was right, BAM, they bring back Dom. I have nothing against the actor who plays Dom. In fact, I was a huge fan of his work on The Wire as Herc, but the Dom character just destroys the shows chemistry. He instantly leads to separating Vince and E from Turtle and Drama, which is a bad thing as Turtle and Drama are the hilarious sidekicks who work best when around Vince and E who play the straight men. They need to be together as a unit of four as really the only character of the four that can even handle a scene alone without the show instantly being boring is Drama. Obviously, the Ari character can be hilarious in almost any situation, but he is only getting a third or so of the screen-time and can’t carry entire episodes when the rest of the show is a poorly acted drama featuring no funny moments.

It does appear though that the Dom episode was sort of a one-off and his character probably (let’s hope) won’t be back and they can get back to the renaissance of sorts the show was involved in.


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