Mr. Brooks a Re-review

I reviewed Mr. Brooks previously, maybe not here but somewhere. Anyways, I made the mistake of rewatching it. Onto the re-review:

Obviously, we all know this is Kevin Costner’s lastest attempt to revive his career. Originally I thought his performace was very inconsistent, ranging from good to awful in different scenes. After seeing it again, even the parts I thought were good in a unique way were just plain corny. In other words, his performance was far more consistent than I first thought, consistently poor that is.

I stand by my statement that Dane Cook wasn’t as bad as I feared he would be. However, I advised those that were fans of his to see the movie to see his not-as-awful-as-feared performance, but now I have completely soured on Mr. Cook. His baseball commercials were insanely annoying, he is trying to claim he is a Red Sox fan and yet is seen wearing a Yankees cap (why not just wear a pentagram and crucifix on the same necklace Dane?), and his HBO show was not at all funny.

In my first review I didn’t mention that Demi Moore was in this because I think I might have been blocking it out like I try to do with all horrific memories. On a side note, can anyone name Demi Moore’s best performance? This was tried recently, but no real answer was thought of. It can’t be Striptease, can it? Also, there is a whole plot line revovling around here character that is completely unrealistic, completely contradicts the style of the rest of the movie, and frankly pointless.

William Hurt plays Mr. Brooks’ conscience, and I stand by my previous statements that I don’t understand why he is there, and when Brooks is talking to him can other people hear Costner or is that in his mind or do they just see him sitting there pondering things?

The plot was even more ridiculous the second time around, and I still hated the ending. I have decided to change my original recommendation of ‘See it at the cheap theatre if you are curious about Dane’s performance’ to ‘avoid unless you want to watch falling stars (Costner, Cook, Hurt, Moore)’.

Rating – 3/10


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