Dan in Real Life

Review time again: Dan in Real Life – this 2007 movie is star Steve Carell as Dan. Dan’s wife died a while back and he is raising three girls alone. The story takes place over a weekend at his parent’s place during a family gathering. Dan meets a lady, but than an obstacle gets in their way. That leads to various funny, sad, and ackward moments. I enjoyed the story as to how they got Dan into certain situations, but it did get overly sappy at times.

The real reason to see this movie is for Carell’s performance. He is showing his range here. Dan is nothing like his characters in 40 Year Old Virgin, Little Miss Sunshine, or The Office. In the span of a couple of years he has had four very good performances, while playing four very different characters.

The movie as a whole isn’t anything special. It’s basically a romantic comedy mixed with a family comedy. However, Carell is so good that he is able to take moments that would just be annoying or cliche in the hands of someone with less comedic talent and make them absolutely hilarious. For fans of Steve Carell, it’s a must see.

Rating: 7/10 (replace Carell with almost anyone else and it’s probably a 5/10)


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