More Yankees junk

So, now that the impossible has happened and ARod has decided to return to the Yanks. With Posada and Rivera also resigned, and the team basically waiting on a decision from Pettitte. My whole offseason plan thing is moot. I doubt any of my suggestions for Johan Santana trades will happen, as the Twins have let it be know they would want young hitters for him. The Yanks can only offer Robinson Cano, who they probably wouldnt part with. Not to mention, the Twins are shopping another pitcher Matt Garza, so they might be trying to make one last run with Santana and will probably keep trying to resign him.

Anyways, I am now one of the bloggers at a new Yankees site –, Here is a link to my Yankees blogolumn there

Hence, this will probably be my last baseball centeric post here.

As always, comments encouraged.


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