Top Movies of 2006

I may have posted a preliminary list of my top movies of 2006 already in a myspace blogolumn, but this is a more finalized version and probably has some additions to it. This list is for movies that were initially released into theatres during the 2006 calendar year. On with the list…

The Top Films of 2006 (according to me):

1. The Departed

2. Children of Men

3. Borat

4. The Prestige

5. Flags of Our Fathers/Letters from Iwo Jima

6. Babel

7. Little Miss Sunshine

8. Half Nelson

9. Notes on a Scandal

10. The Good German

11. United 93

12. Stranger than Fiction

13. Blood Diamond

14. The Good Shepherd

15. The Illusionist

16. The Pursuit of Happiness

17. The Last King of Scotland

18. Apocalypto

19. Thank You for Smoking

20. Inside Man

Notes – I usually start out with the intensions of making a top 10 list, but it just keeps expanding and I feel like there are certain movies that still need to be mentioned. Hence it ends up as a top 20 list. There are still a few movies from 2006 that I havent seen and am told could make a push for spot on the list. Those include but are not limited to: Little Children, Volver, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Brick.

As always comments encouraged, and let the debating begin…


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